Earthquake Preparedness Saves Lives!

by on July 2, 2009

Things you should have on hand in case of an earthquake:
Things you should have readily accessible:

1. Portable radio & batteries
2. Flashlight & batteries
3. First aid kit
4. First aid book
5. Fire extinguisher
6. Adjustable auto wrench to turn off gas
7. Smoke detector & fresh batteries
8. Portable fire ladder, if upstairs
9. Bottled water, for whole family for 3 – 4 days
10. Canned or dried food for the week
11. Non-electric can opener
12. Camp stove
13. Matches – keep fresh and dry
14. Emergency phone numbers
15. Comfortable shoes for walking
16. A Swiss army knife

The best way to store these is in a 55 Gallon Trash Container in your garage.

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