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by on August 31, 2010

Well, it’s been about a week now since the whole family started this new diet called the hCG Weight Loss Protocol, which has become all the rage.

Now, the diet is great but it presents many challenges for someone who loves to cook and is not afraid to use plenty of butter and coconut oil in her cooking.

Essentially I am not allowed to cook with any added fat. None, whatsoever. EECK!

Thank goodness I have some basic recipes to start out with. And, now that we are in to our second week I can start adding to, or taking away from, the recipes that we tried last week so that I can improve them according to mine and my families tastes.

Last Wednesday I made the chili in the recipes I received as part of the plan, which was delicious, however I like things a little more spicy so I wound up putting some Serrano chili’s in the batch I made last night and it was outstanding. I even served it to company and I don’t think they noticed that I did not add any oil to brown the meat.

Tonight I am making Onion soup with sweet Vidalia onions and sirloin steak. Yum! And tomorrow I will make the chicken with tomatoes and basil. This time I am not going to add the lemon juice that the recipe calls for. I have a feeling that every body in the house will like that so much better.

One of the little treats on the diet which I have fallen in love with are the Grissini Breadsticks. I pick those up at Whole foods, but I warn you, they are not cheap. There are three different flavors and they are worth every penny. Ah, and the Roasted Garlic Melba snacks are very good.

My favorite dessert is the strawberry fruit smoothie. It is perfect! One of the ingredients the recipe calls for are frozen organic berries, which I get from Trader Joe’s. I alter the recipe slightly by mixing 6 frozen berries with 6 fresh berries so it’s not quite so thick. I also add a dash of orange extract and a dash of vanilla extract. Very tasty!

For those of you that have a hankering for steak they have a recipe for mustard crusted steak which I grilled under the broiler. That was really good. I used London Broil. It was tender and juicy. Then on Friday night I altered the recipe slightly and cooked small sirloin steaks on the stove-top with Balsamic vinegar,  Bragg’s Amino and one of those sweet Vidalia onions cut into rings. They were delicious.

I have yet to try the bun-less chicken burgers or the Spicy Cajun scallops. That will be later this week. I’ll try to let you know what I think of those once I’ve tried them out.

I look forward to creating some of my own recipes as I master this new technique of cooking without oil.

And, to losing quite a bit of weight so that I look and feel better.

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