Community Service Month

by on July 22, 2012

Helping out ~ RSVP Program

May is the month that two of my favorite programs take place.

The first is the RSVP program which is sponsored by the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors. We assist people in the community who can not do things around their home as well as they once could. Many of them are deferred maintenance projects which can really cause the home to devalue over time.

For two days we visited 6 wonderful people in the Campbell area of Santa Clara. There were many other teams, in areas like Willow Glen, Santa Teresa and Milpitas, to name a few and all of us were in there pitching to make these peoples homes sparkle.

We washed windows, cleaned cabinets, hauled away trash, pulled weeds, trimmed shrubs, mowed, planted colorful flowers and much more. I was joined by Hassan, Kathy, Pam, April, Lee and Michael.

As you can see, the people we visited were delighted with the help and vowed that they would be calling us again next year.

The very same week Keller Williams held their Company wide community service day, called Red Day, in which literally thousands of agents all across the United States help with some project in their community. They cleaned up parks and schools, visited convalescent hospitals, helped out at shelters,  soup kitchens and the like.

Red Day 2012

At Keller Williams Benchmark Properties in Fremont we helped the Tri-City Volunteers with a variety of projects. This is a wonderful organization that provides food to people who are out of work or working on lower fixed incomes in Fremont, Union City and Newark with much needed food.

First we cut bread and bagged it then we moved on to potatoes, sorting out the bad ones and bagging them up. Last we formed an assembly line in which we placed a protein item, several fruit and veggie items and finished it off with rice, beans or oats. That was quite the project. We filled thousands of bags to be distributed in the coming weeks to families throughout the area.

We actually do this two times a year for this group, our second stint being near Thanksgiving. The group loves us because we do more work in one day that they are able to do in a week as we have about 50 realtors descend on them ready to do anything and everything.

A few of us were fortunate to work in the thrift store helping tidy up the racks, sort clothing and generally make it looks prettier for people when they arrived.

Needless to say, I was happy I was able to contribute to two very meaningful projects in one month and look forward to the opportunity to do so again in 2013.

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  • Abdoulie Bah

     Community Service Month is really a good service, i am glad you people are doing a great job to help people around please keep it.

    Abdoulie Bah
    The Gambia

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