Baseball – The Great American Pastime

by on August 27, 2010

Steve Carey Announcing a Game There is something about the rhythm and cadence of baseball that calms me down. Maybe not so  much when I’m at the game, I like to yell and shout too much. But when I was a little kid growing  up I found the sound of Monte Moore’s (The broadcaster on the radio for the Oakland A’s) voice  to be so soothing that it would lull me to sleep no matter how worked up I was.

This is not to say that baseball is boring, in any way. There is nothing as exciting as a 9th inning homer that puts your team ahead or a player running from 1st base all the way home on a double to right field. Still, the banter of the announcers, the chatter of the fans below the announcers booth, the sound of the ump yelling strike, they all conspire to settle out the hurly-burly of the day and put me in a peaceful frame of mind.

I’ll never forget the time I flew to some town back in the Midwest, might even have been Chicago and I was beat. It was about four in the afternoon and I just needed to lie down for a little while and recharge my battery before I went to meet a client or set-up my booth at a trade show. I started flipping channels on the TV and found an Atlanta Braves game on. Heaven! I fell on to the bed and curled up. I was asleep in minutes and woke up about 30 minutes later totally refreshed.

That never would have happened while listening to football. Football is relaxing, too, but I like to be more active when I’m rooting for my football team, even when I am watching the game at home. Plus, there are snacks to be considered, what to drink and a host of other issues. And let’s face it, not many football games are played at night they are mostly on a Sunday afternoon. Just not the time when I normally feel like taking a nap.

All of which leads me to the discussion of who the greatest baseball announcer was or is. Tough decision. I must admit that I really loved Bill King. He was a great announcer. I thought he was certainly the best announcer for the Oakland A’s, perhaps, ever. Next I like Ken  Korach. His voice is rich and sonorous. But still, as a young kid I loved listening to Monte Moore in the broadcast booth. He was great. And he even mentioned the cookies that my friends and I had baked for him and the rest of the players, thanking us on the air for the treats.

Unfortunately the A’s are not playing today so I have to wait until tomorrow to catch a bit of the game on the radio.

I can’t wait!

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