Another Marvelous Trip to Mono Village

by on August 21, 2010

Our Fantastic Campsite

After two horrific weeks with a friend in the hospital we decided we had to get away. Where did we turn? To our new favorite camping spot on the Eastern Side of the Sierra’s, Annette’s Mono Village and boy did we score the perfect campsite. This one is right across the stream from our last campsite, completely level, completely rock free and ready for our tent and at least 5 others. It was amazing, talk about luck!

We got there at a little after 4 PM and immediately went about setting up camp. It was hard to choose the perfect spot for our tent with so many to choose from but we finally selected a spot and settled down to a delicious meal of spicy skirt steak with Potatoes and zucchini (I had to do something with all the left overs)! It was fantastic. While we were enjoying dinner a deer crashed through to undergrowth and went bounding down the stream away from someone, for sure.

Hiking to Barney Lake

That night we went to bed pretty early and the next day Tom was rarin’ and ready to head up to Barney Lake. It had been wanting to make that hike since our last visit and he was not going to be denied, even though it was over 8 miles round trip, I knew there was no way I was getting out of it.

And make it, we did! It was a stunning hike up to beautiful Barney Lake in the Hoover Wilderness. There was a gorgeous sandy beach and a towering peak up ahead which commanded one’s attention. It was truly magical and a major resting point for backpackers on the way to Peeler Lake or Crown Lake.

After a rest to eat an apple, enjoy some trail mix and load up on water we headed back down the mountain. When we got back the highlight was dipping our feet in the icy cold water of Robinson Creek on our own private sandy beach. Ah, now that felt good. Later on we enjoyed Chicken Breast with Mushroom wine sauce and those darned left over potatoes and zucchini. Needless to say, it hit the spot.

After relaxing around the campfire, listening to a little Greg Brown on a new iPod docking station we decided to play a little Spite and Malice, one of our favorite card games and I kick Tom’s butt. Only fair after he made me trudge up the mountain and back again in about 5 hours. Geez!

Overlook above Green LakeThe next day it was ladies choice and I decided to head down to our favorite breakfast place in the little town of Bridgeport. We had a fantastic breakfast. After that I requested that we hike up Green Creek to Green Lake which is another stunning high mountain lake nestled in a valley at a little over 9000 ft. in elevation.

It was gorgeous. There were tons of people there, many of them just for the day but there were a few that we using this as a little rest stop before they headed up to another series of lakes further up the valley. Unfortunately, Tom and I got separated and it took us almost an hour to find each other again before we headed back down to our car. Oh well, that did not change how pretty it was walking under the aspens with tons of wild flowers all around.

That night we had another fantastic meal and this time Tom kicked by booty at Spite and Malice! Hooray for Tom! We got to bed a little bit later, Tom having gotten lost in the meadow near our campsite after being mesmerized by the milky way!

The next day we loaded up and headed back home wishing we didn’t have to leave but promising each other that we would head back to this little piece of paradise real soon!

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