Adding a Water Feature to Your Garden

by on March 1, 2012

What’s right for your space?

Water Gardens - Choosing the Right Pond Design

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Michelle for allowing us to republish her article. Thank you.
BY: Michelle Leise

If you are considering adding a water feature to your yard, here are a few tips on how to choose the right style for your garden:

Natural pond
If you live in a landscape that has a naturalistic, country feel, this kind of pond will look right at home. Choose a spot that’s fairly big and flat (or with a very slight incline) so you can accommodate a large number of plants and have enough space for wildlife to enjoy the water.

Natural stream
Best for locations that have a slight incline where you can make use of a natural gully or cleft. As with a natural pond, make the stream look as natural as possible, with plenty of plants along the edges.

Raised pond
Often built of brick with stone slabs on top, this formal style looks wonderful in small spaces. Consider building the pond on a patio next to a stone wall so the wall can anchor the pool and give it a setting. (That way, you can also add a wall fountain.)

Circular pond
Whether built to stand alone or incorporated into a patio, this pond often looks great in small, intimate locations. Its circular shape fits formal and informal gardens, and can be surrounded by formal flower beds, container plants, native blooms, or a hedge on two sides. Choose a level, sunny site where plants and fish will thrive and you can see the pool often.

Formal rectangular pool
Best in formal gardens with clean, defined lines, this type of pool pairs well with straight brick pathways, closely clipped hedges, and a flat space. Because the pool is often surrounded by brick, not plants, this elegant design usually features little maintenance and doesn’t involve waterfalls or excessive plant care.

Waterfall pond
This type comes in lots of sizes, shapes, and styles, and it can fit well with plenty of landscape situations. It looks most natural if you already have a sloping site. Choose a more formal look by framing the pools with brick and building waterfall ledges out of stone slabs, or create a natural effect by edging the entire pond with plants and using boulders for the ledges.

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