About Me

I have been selling professionally since I was 18 years old.

My lifelong desire has been to help others, which led me to pursue a career in nursing,
first learning at Diablo Valley College, renowned for its Biology Department, then on to
Cal State Hayward for its Pre-Nursing Program.

At the end of my first year at Cal State Hayward, I realized that nursing was not for me
and decided to pursue a career in sales.

First working at Mohr Clocks as a store manager for their Menlo Park location, I then
moved on to a sales position at Advanced Polymer Systems in Redwood City. Within a
year I was Sales Manager for the water standards division of the company. I took that
division from losing money each month to making money within the first year in that

After 6 years and a lot of travel, I decided to take some time to enjoy my daughter,
Heather; and I started working with my husband, Tom, and his partner, Curt Wilson, for
Chandler-Wilson Seminars.

At that time, Chandler-Wilson was consulting with Health Professionals. I
enjoyed it very much but was always looking for a vehicle to help sales people. Then in
1984, that technology presented itself in the form of Patrick Valtin’s Conviction Selling

I loved this information and determined that I would make a career out of delivering
these workshops. At my initial seminar there was one real estate agent who started working
with me. He loved it so much that he told three other Realtors about it. They, in turn,
told 50 other agents about it, and the rest is pretty much history. Since then I have
coached over a 1000 Realtors in Northern California.

I have added several key components to my coaching, including Time Management and
Marketing. I work with my husband, Tom, who specializes in helping people with their
management and communication skills. Together we have over 50 years of experience
helping people take their business and personal lives to a whole new level.

While I was coaching my many Real Estate clients, they were always encouraging me to
get into real estate. I was reluctant to get involved, as I did not want to be in direct
competition with any of my clients. They never let up on me though, and eventually I
did get my license as a Realtor in 2004. I love working with both buyers and sellers,
helping them achieve their real estate objectives — not much different from the coaching
I have done for so many!

My Specialties:

Sales, Time Management, Marketing, Communication, Residential Real Estate

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  • Kathleen Shaffer

    You are living a parallel lift of mine. Jeez, just knew it the first time we spoke you are high energy and very ethical.  Can just tell when the light shines through.
    Look forward to working with you on Sycamore sale….