A Spicy Solution for Squirrels

by on May 15, 2009

Sure, it’s fun to watch squirrels do their goofy antics to get to our bird feeders—leaping from trees, hanging upside down, and shimmying down poles. But those furry acrobats frighten away the birds, making you want to rename your bird feeder a squirrel feeder.

Now there’s a simple solution. Cole’s Hot Meats birdseed is made of nutritious sunflower meats treated with a peppery Cajun-inspired coating. The minute a squirrel takes a bite, he’ll get a mouthful of hot pepper—the same taste as if you bit into a hot pepper yourself. It doesn’t harm the squirrel, but it makes him want to stay far away from your feeder.

Birds, meanwhile, can’t taste the heat at all. They’ll enjoy the birdseed without noticing the hot-pepper coating, while squirrels are off looking for a better-tasting buffet.

Save yourself the stress of watching squirrels empty your bird feeders with this humane, effective solution.

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