A Quick Fix for a Drab Patio

by on August 31, 2009

You’ve got blooming pots of annuals adding all-season color. You’ve got stunning perennials that come back each year to frame your outdoor space. But when you look down, is the view not so pretty?

If the flooring of your patio or deck could use a little help, check out Bamboo and Tiki’s bamboo rugs for an easy facelift (or in this case, pedicure).

Made of organic Moso bamboo that’s laminated onto non-slip fabric, these rugs can take a lot of abuse. They’re versatile, too—you can use them on all types of surfaces, from your patio to your carpeted living room to your tiled kitchen.

Transform your outdoor space with a bamboo rug. The company is offering free shipping right now, so throw in a tiki bar and a few torches and have yourself a backyard party!

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