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by on May 15, 2012

Pretty and Practical: Paisley Gloves Protect Hands and Arms

For a gardener, a well-made pair of gloves is as valuable a tool as a sharp pruner. That’s because gloves do more than keep your hands and nails clean. They keep your hands safe when working and protect them from the potentially harmful bacteria that’s sometimes found in compost and soil.But practical doesn’t have to mean ugly.Want proof? Check out Womanswork’s Garden Gloves with Arm Savers. They’re made of paisley-print cotton fabric and are available in two colors: orange and teal.

Pretty, yes, but they’re also up to taking on tough jobs like pruning and digging. They have just a touch of lycra in them for flexibility and comfort. Extra-long cuffs protect arms from scratches and bug bites—a cord at the end of the cuffs holds them snug against your skin. The palm is made of durable synthetic leather, and the thumb and pointer finger are doubly reinforced.

It’s like the perfect marriage of function and fashion.

Give Buffalo Grass A Chance

buffalo grassIt’s only April, but spring’s early arrival has brought the early arrival of lawn chores, from cutting and trimming to fertilizing and watering. And if we’re facing another drought this year as we have the past few years, even more watering will be necessary to keep traditional grasses looking green.

This just might be the year to consider an alternative to non-native, high-maintenance turf grasses. Buffalo grass (Buchloe dactyloides) is a short native prairie grass that tolerates heat, humidity, and drought with very little water or fertilizer. It’s a warm-season grass, which means it goes dormant (turns beige or straw-colored) during cold weather. Male and female plants have small light green to tan flowers. Typically buffalo grass will top out at 5 or 6 inches, so you could retire your lawn mower completely.

Common name: Buffalo grass
Botanical name: Buchloe dactyloides
Plant type: Grass
Zones: 3 to 11
Height: 4 to 6 inches
Family: Gramineae

From Drink Pouch to Plant Caddy

Plant Caddy Are you a recycler?

Most gardeners are, because their passion for tending the earth naturally includes a concern for keeping it healthy. And that often requires creative problem-solving, from composting to repurposing. That’s why we’re excited about the Terra Stone Plant Caddy.

The 12-inch x 12-inch caddy is made from recycled drink pouches and is just one of several such items produced by TerraCycle. This eco-minded company is internationally known for creating innovative products from waste that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Better still, waste collected through TerraCycle’s Brigade programs generate needed funds for good causes.

Use the caddy to display plants indoors or out. Need to move a heavy plant to a new spot? The caddy’s equipped with four spinning wheels, so you can easily shift plants around.

Embrace waste and give your plants a lift!

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