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by on April 24, 2012

Power Up Your Spring Weeding

preenThe best way to win a war—even one with weeds—is to prevent it from ever developing. That’s why using a weed preventative can be very effective. And now there’s an effective way to apply it: Preen’s Battery-Powered Weed Preventer

Available at garden centers and home improvement stores nationwide, the weed preventer is sold in a container that has a built-in battery-powered applicator. After installing two AAA batteries, simply switch on the applicator fan, and tilt the bottle toward the ground. A fan spreads the granules in a narrow band so you have control in even the tightest spots as well as a consistent application.

The batteries should provide a minimum of eight hours of use—plenty of time to tackle your entire garden.

Power up your efforts to rid your garden of weeds!

This Wildflower Loves Water

wildflower From its bright yellow blooms to its shiny, heart-shaped leaves, the marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) is a wildflower that begs for your attention in spring. It thrives in boggy areas—even shallow standing water (hence the common name)—and blooms in April and May. If you have a spot in your yard that never quite dries out, plant marsh marigold to herald the season.

Common name: Marsh marigold, kingcup
Botanical name: Caltha palustris
Plant type: Perennial
Zones: 3 to 7
Height: 4 to 18 inches
Family: Ranunculaceae

Growing conditions
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Rich, boggy
Moisture: Moist to wet

Seeds with Benefits

seed ballz Sowing seeds has its rewards. You get to select exactly what you want, and then you get to watch the seeds sprout. But getting them in the ground isn’t always a picnic. Tiny ones are hard to manage, and it can be a time-consuming job.

SeedBallz offers a clever way to make seed sowing more enjoyable. Hand-rolled and packed by people with disabilities, each little ball consists of clay, organic matter, and vegetable, herb, or flower seeds.

A package of eight balls covers up to 10 square feet. Simply press a ball halfway into the soil of a pot or bed, water, and watch your plants grow. When SeedBallz sprout, you get double rewards: the enjoyment of the clusters of plants that emerge and the pleasure knowing you’ve supported meaningful employment for folks.

Sowing seeds has hidden benefits.

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