10 Great Reasons to Buy a Home during the Holidays

by on November 27, 2010


  1. There are Good Deals out there – There is less demand out there so sellers are willing to take pretty much any offer that is presented. This is you chance to actually negotiate a good deal for yourself, in terms of price and possible credits. The fact of the matter is that many areas have already seen a significant reduction in price in the last few years so and purchase made is already a good deal. This is a way to make it great!
  2. Low Loan Rates – Loan rates are at 70 year lows. The other day I heard about a 30 year fixed at 4 and 5/8th. That is fantastic! And, there is now a loan product out there with 3% down that is NOT FHA! This is very good. Faster closing, etc.
  3. Tax Deductions – MortgageĀ  interest can be deducted from your taxes as well as the real estates taxes.
  4. The Home is Yours – Want to paint the bathroom purple, go for it! There is no one to check with except your spouse and negotiations are part of the fun. The fact of the matter is you will want to invest in it and improve it so that you get a better ‘return on investment’ or ROI.
  5. Better Living Conditions – Generally speaking, people who on their home take better care of them. There is pride of ownership. This is great for the whole neighborhood.
  6. Protection Against Inflation –Ā  There have been many studies throughout the years which point to the fact that housing beats out annual inflation by a few percentage points over time.
  7. Building Equity – Over time, as the economy recovers, home values will start to bounce back. In California, typically, we have a 7 year uptrend with a 2 year valley and then another 7 year up-tick. As the economy rights itself this cycle should manifest itself again.
  8. An Automatic Savings Plan – Those mortgage payments every month are like putting money in the bank. A mortgage payment of $1800 may be $300 more than you were paying in rent but when you make those payments, slowly but surely, you will start paying down the interest and start paying off principle and away you go!
  9. Large Selection – Right now, the housing inventory is growing faster than the rate that homes are going in escrow. Most buyers have more than enough properties to look at in their price range.
  10. Eventual Market Balance – The housing market will eventually stabilize and with population growth estimates hitting 100 million more people by 2050, inventory levels should decrease as the demand for homes increases.

Please contact me if you are ready to make your dream of home ownership a reality!

My cell is 408-839-2125 and my email is vickiechandler@gmail.com or visit my website at www.stunningsanjosehomes.com.

Happy Holidays!

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