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by on October 9, 2012

Fall Planting Brings Spring Delight

It’s the heat of the summer, and gardening’s getting downright brutal. So we have a suggestion: Think spring! Take a refreshing break from the chores to peruse the spring-blooming bulbs at

Now is the perfect time to plan for those beautiful spring flowers you’ll want in your garden, because you’ll need to plant them this fall. There are lots to choose from, including these out-of-the-ordinary gems that bloom in early spring.

Among the first bulbs to show spring color, they self-seed well, are pest-proof, and are ideal for borders, rock gardens, lawns, and under trees or shrubs.
Anemone blanda
Anemone blanda
Lots of pretty blooms, critter-resistant, and easily naturalized—what’s not to love! Plant it and forget about it until springtime … you won’t be able to stop admiring your garden!
Purchase bulbs soon, before the best ones are gone. Planting is a breeze—after the soil has cooled down later this fall, just dig a hole, drop in a bulb, water well, and you’re done!

Video: You’ll Dig This Advice

Finally! Those potatoes and onions you’ve been babying all summer are ready to harvest.

So don’t blow it.

If harvested and stored properly, you can enjoy them well into winter. This video, by gardening expert William Moss, offers some helpful, easy-to-follow advice about the right tools to use (forget the shovel) and what to do with the vegetables after harvesting (hint: no washing required). He even tells you what to do with green potatoes.

You can use the same technique for other root crops like turnips, parsnips, and sweet potatoes.

Think of it as crop insurance. It only costs a few minutes of your time, but it ensures a delicious payoff for months to come.

Cool Tools Help Preserve the Garden Harvest

Long after hot summer days have faded, you can still savor the flavors of the summer harvest. Whether you’re a seasoned canning pro updating your gear or a preserving newbie just starting out, these gadgets will help you savor jams, jellies, and pickles for months to come.
Pour spouts
Pour spouts
Don’t let this tiny item fool you: The Slip-On Pour Spout can have a big impact. Get less mess as you pour from pots or bowls. The silicone spout fits most thin-lipped pots and is heat-resistant up to 480°F. Toss it into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
Colander scoop
Colander scoop
Perfect for straining and scooping cooked berries or blanched vegetables, the Canning Colander Scoop has an extra-long handle that helps keep your fingers and hands out of harm’s way.
Canning funnel
Canning funnel
Enjoy less mess with the easy-to-use Progressive Canning Funnel. It fits over regular and wide-mouth jars and is printed with head-space measurements on each side.


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